Q&A: Wrong speedo reading

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I have a Toyota Tazz (Corolla) 2005 model and when I’m driving at 60km/h my speedometer is showing 120km/h. What could be the problem?…George

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Wayne, if your car is badged as a Tazz, then it is obviously a imported model from the Japanese market and it could have been damaged and repaired before being shipped here. Unless you have dramatically changed the size of your wheels (which is physically impossible because you would have to reduce them to at least a 10-inch wheel to double the reading), altered the final drive or gearbox ratios, then it is most likely something this dramatic would be a result of an issue at the speed sensor/sender or the speedo head unit itself. Have your local mechanic take a look for you or get an instrument repairer that should be able to fix the problem and make sure the speedo is calibrated correctly once the problem is rectified.

Henry Sapiecha

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