‘Speed camera victory dance’ man thought he evaded detection in this video

19 June 2015 Last updated at 18:21 BST

A man caught on a police speed camera doing a victory dance after thinking he had evaded detection has been fined and had 10 penalty points put on his licence.

Jerry Weeks, 32, of Hutchings Close, Southway in Plymouth, was caught doing 46mph in a 30mph zone along Plymouth Road.

Thinking he had slowed down in time, Weeks did a no-hands on the wheel dance to the police camera at the bottom of the hill – not realising he had been caught in the act.

Plymouth magistrates fined him £400 for speeding and gave him four penalty points on Thursday.

He was also fined £600 and given six penalty points for failing to identify the driver.


Henry Sapiecha

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