‘Should have kept your mouth shut Einstein’: Perth police tweet hoodie crime Australia

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It’s the classic case of the hoodie that couldn’t hide the crim – but exposed the crime.

You would think a thief would have tried to keep a low profile.

But this one blew his cover by mouthing off to police before getting busted for a stolen hoodie.

It wasn’t exactly sophisticated detective work that nabbed the crook – the security tag was still attached to the jumper.

“Still wearing the tag on the hoodie you stole,” Perth police tweeted during Operation Sweep.

“Should have kept your mouth shut Einstein!!”

But the hood has stiff local competition if he’s to claim the title of WA’s dumbest thief.

Two men were recently filmed trying to steal a camera on the outskirts of Perth – the same camera that caught them in the act.

Then there was the dope’s things-to-do list where a bent scribe etched out plans to smoke pot and eat chips and gravy, though more an act of stupidity than a crime of the thieving kind.


Henry Sapiecha


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