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Video shows Virginia Police Caught PLANTING Drugs – 6/2014 CORRUPTION


[UPDATE 5.3.16: You cannot see the HILARIOUS annotations on mobile – so watch on desktop, for all the details & funny pop-ups. YES, the case was dropped once this video was shown to the Asst. D.A., There were NEVER any drugs to begin with & if they’re were I’m sure the K9’s nose would’ve been ALOT better than these 2 dirty cop’s noses. Also, I was instructed by my Atty. that with the Judges & Cops in that town; a Civil suit would’ve been a waste of time. I support cops as we need them/but loathe biased thugs hiding behind badges.] POLICE ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT & SERVE – NOT – PLANT EVIDENCE & POLICE PROFILE. This is personal to me/I’ll tell you why. In June I was illegally stopped while bird dogging RE properties with a white female Co-worker (Driver & owner) in a VERY rural part of VA. We were followed by an unmarked car so we voluntarily pulled over to allow him to pass. We were detained, searched for weapons & drugs and when that turned up nothing & instead of being allowed to drive away – 4 cruisers pulled up with a the K-9 dog and they proceeded to walk the dog inside & out. RESULT- That turned up nothing. So 2 cops ripped the car apart, looking for God knows what on the side of a country road for 1.5hrs and 5 other cops on standby in tactical gear. Picture 1 cop working the driver’s side & the other on the passenger side. After ripping through the car, the passenger side cop (Jr. officer) walks away and leaves his superior to finish. After finding NOTHING; the superior officer walks back to his squad car, the Jr. officer steps over to him, mumbles under his breath & the Superior officer bolts to the passenger side floorboard (my seat) and miraculously finds a morsel of marijuana. Something the dog & the other cop didn’t detect. He puts it in a tester, claims it to be Marijuana and that b/c it was found on MY side of the car—says ‘he’s giving me a citation for possession’. Why not arrest me –BECAUSE apparently the quantity was so small. WEIRD – So ask yourself, how is it a passenger with No marijuana (furthermore – 2 Non users), get pulled over for tinted windows (ONLY after I questioned the stop, the officer replied, give me your I.D. –UNFORTUNATELY for them I had NO warrants etc.), has a K-9 dog & 2 cops search the car with NO results UNTIL 1 officer does something blatantly illegal WEIRDER – So ask yourself, how is it the officer on the driver’s side of the car, magically finds marijuana a dog couldn’t discover? WEIRDEST – After paying $1500 to a lawyer, the VA Prosecutor dropped the charges knowing there was a video. BUT NOW, I’M SADDLED WITH EXPUNGING THIS RIDICULOUS CHARGE FROM MY RECORD—ANOTHER FEE, and get this – Since Virginia is a Commonwealth, they reserve the right to DENY my request! Ps: So I guess June 25th was my day to get a drug arrest record, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Pss: The Jr. cop (whom I believe planted the so-called Marijuana) even asked to see the vid –I suppose he wanted to see IF he was caught on tape & YES, it’s all on video. HAHA, these guys really think they’re cowboys. PIECE de RESISITANCE – I RECORDED IT ON HD Iphone VIDEO – So after some serious thought, I decided to post the video of (2) Virginia cops planting evidence and make them celebrities.

Henry Sapiecha

Legal nightmare for man as drug driving test returns positive for drug he’s never used

Cabinetmaker Steven Hunt image

Cabinetmaker Steven Hunt. Photo: Rohan Thomson

When Steve Hunt was pulled over for a routine roadside drug test on his way home from work, he thought everything would be fine.

He was wrong. I have no trust whatsoever in the police any more. Steve Hunt

That one test triggered a nightmare scenario in which he was repeatedly misdiagnosed as having methamphetamine – a drug he has never touched – in his system by police and NSW Health tests.

The case triggered NSW Health to begin double-testing samples, but that was too late for Mr Hunt, who was forced to pull $5000 out of his home loan to fight for his innocence. Losing his licence would mean he couldn’t work.

The state government is planning a massive roll-out of the same drug-driving tests that misdiagnosed Mr Hunt, with 100,000 NSW drivers expected to be tested – and it’s not to identify those under the influence of drugs (a different offence) but simply whether they have the “presence” of drugs in their systems.

Police admit there is no lower limit used for the amount of drugs detected.

“The first moment I realised something was wrong was when the policeman came back to me and said ‘I think we are going to have a problem here’,” Mr Hunt said.

The test had detected methamphetamine in his saliva. He was arrested and taken to a portable testing station, where a second test was negative. A further sample was sent to NSW Health pathology. Two weeks later he got the result: positive.

“I had been sitting there going to my wife ‘no, no, no, this won’t come back positive’,” he said. “I have never taken drugs in my life.”

Mr Hunt’s lawyers demanded the sample be retested. The same NSW Health lab, testing the same sample, got a negative result. A further test was also negative, and in court police did not present evidence, and the case was dismissed.

“I have no trust whatsoever in the police any more,” Mr Hunt said. “If it can go wrong once, it can go wrong again, and I don’t want to lose another five grand.”

Fairfax Media has also spoken to a woman, who did not want to be named, who had marijuana detected despite never having used the drug. She also had a positive, then negative, then positive result, but was never told she could get it retested.

Greens MP and justice spokesman David Shoebridge said the roadside drug testing was a “lottery”.

“The problem is the police are testing for tiny trace elements of drugs and this makes the results inherently unreliable,” Mr Shoebridge said. “Steve was just minding his own business … and he had his life turned upside down by a plainly stupid law. It’s awful what has happened to him, how much it has cost, and we know he is not alone.”

Mr Shoebridge said it was extremely difficult to get legal costs back from the government, but he had written to the Police Minister to suggest Mr Hunt be given an ex-gratia payment.

“It’s time to scrap the failed roadside testing regime and put in place a rational program that tests for impairment, and tests for every drug, not just a handful of illegal drugs,” Mr Shoebridge said.

NSW Police maintain the tests are an important deterrence tool in preventing road accidents caused by impaired drivers, which are implicated in 14 per cent of road fatalities. One in 10 tests this year returned a positive result, compared with one in 300 alcohol tests.

Sharon Neville, the acting director of the NSW Health Forensic and Analytical Science Service (FASS), said that since roadside drug testing was introduced in 2007 it had tested more than 14,000 samples, and Mr Hunt’s case was the only error it was aware of.

“The initial incorrect result reported by FASS was due to a manual handling error,” she said. “Additional measures and quality control steps were implemented as a result of this case, with all samples now being analysed twice before reporting. These steps ensure tighter controls on manual handling and all other parts of the process.”

She said the screening tests conducted by NSW Police had different sensitivities to the “comprehensive” testing equipment used by FASS.


Henry Sapiecha


pot smoker selfie with police image

Selfie Absorbed: Gilbert H. Phelps, 20, of Iowa City, Iowa, was pulled over for speeding, but was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. Police say Phelps admitted to smoking pot, and was “measurably impaired” in his driving. While going through sobriety testing at the station, Phelps asked if he could take a “selfie” with the officer for posting on Snapchat. “To which I happily obliged,” the officer noted in his report. Phelps added “stickers” to the photo to illustrate police cars pulling him over. (RC/Cedar Rapids Gazette) …Which is an automatic fail.


Henry Sapiecha

Denver Cop Punished For Ripping Up Homeless Man’s ‘Need Weed’ Sign

marijuana-handcuffs image

Denver Cop Punished For Ripping Up Homeless Man’s ‘Need Weed’ Sign

A Denver police captain has been punished for ripping up a homeless man’s sign seeking legal recreational marijuana. An internal investigation found Capt. Joe Black violated the man’s free speech rights when he destroyed the “Need weed” sign the was holding July 28 near the 16th Street Mall, reported the Denver Post. Black had no grounds to destroy the sign and changed his account of the incident during the investigation, police said.

The homeless man, whose full name was not identified in the disciplinary letter, said Black told him that asking for marijuana was aggressive panhandling. Black said the man became belligerent when he and another officer told him he could not sit or lie on the ground. The officer claimed he took the sign because the man could potentially use it “to swat at members of the public,” and he later told investigators that the man swatted him with the sign.

Black, who commands the police department’s juvenile division, will lose four days of time off as punishment. The sign incident took place six days after videotape showed Black shoving a fan three times at Coors Field. The fan, Alex Buck, was thrown out of the ballpark but was not charged in the incident – which remains under investigation. Black was working off-duty as a security guard in both cases.


Henry Sapiecha