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When one thinks about police being ‘tax collectors’ & stuff like that one can easily lose site of the fact that they are part of the system & have a job to do.They have to perform their duties as directed by their superiors & government [voted in] ministers [Who in most cases are not fit or qualified to make the decisions they make].


The boys & girls in blue @ the Childers multicultural festival 2015

holly police pose childers july 2015 www.policesearch (4)

These police were to be held in the highest esteem. They were friendly & courteous. The only people that need to fear them are the people who are the wrong doers

holly police pose childers july 2015 www.policesearch (1)

Please let us be grateful that we have a police system that at least is in the main are not corrupt except for a few exceptions

However yours truly has had the pleasure of interacting with police people of late [Today] & was extremely impressed with their beautiful natures but professional  friendliness.

mark & mark policemen from maryborugh qld image

Mark the senior sergeant & mark ‘the apprentice’ Maryborough police station Qld Australia-The marks police cometh from the Maryborough Police station Qld Australia

They did so with no threatening manner or stand over approach as has been stated by some at times.Their approach to me was merely to get in contact with some lady I know that has a connection with me [As per the police data base] & wanted to know how to contact her.

I made it easy for them in saying that I will be seeing her during the day & will pass on the message & the officers will ring me later that day to confirm that she has been notified.

Yes the officers did front up to us in the monthly flea markets at Maryborough Qld & needed to confirm that I had passed on the message & spoke to my lady friend direct.

We read in the news all the time about some officers using tactics that deserve criticism but we should be extremely grateful that we are not operating under a repressive regime & the police are a tool of a dictator state

In the absence of a clear mind [due to the consumption of some fine wine]-[] I will just post some pics here  & get back to finishing the story later.

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