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San Antonio Police Department shooting of officer

On Sunday, November 20, 2016 a San Antonio Police Officer was murdered in front of the San Antonio Police Department’s Headquarters. The vehicle pictured was seen fleeing the scene. The suspect is described as a black male wearing a hoodie, baggie pants and possible facial hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact CRIME STOPPERS at 224-STOP (224-7867).

CRIME STOPPERS will pay UP TO $10,000 for information which leads to the arrest of the suspect(s) responsible for the Capital Murder. As always you do not have to give your name when you call.

San Antonio Police Department's photo.
San Antonio Police Department's photo.San Antonio Police Department's photo.

Streets were blocked off with police tape as officials investigated the slaying.

The shooting came less than five months after a gunman killed five officers in Dallas who were working a protest about the fatal police shootings of black skin men in Minnesota and Louisiana. It was the deadliest day for American law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

Ten days after the Dallas attack, a man wearing a ski mask and armed with two rifles and a pistol killed three officers near a gas station and convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And earlier this month, two Des Moines, Iowa-area police officers were fatally shot in separate ambush-style attacks while sitting in their patrol cars.

Marconi’s Twitter account shows solidarity for the five slain Dallas officers by posting a photo of a “Pray for Dallas” shirt under a headline that read “San Antonio stands with Dallas.”


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Man arrested after a policeman was shot dead writing out a ticket in his squad car

A POLICE officer writing out a traffic ticket to a motorist was shot to death in his squad car by another driver who pulled up from behind, authorities said.

Detective Benjamin Marconi, who had two adult children, had expressed support for the slain Dallas police officers image www.policesearch.netTwenty-year police veteran Detective Benjamin Marconi, was shot twice in the head. Picture San Antonio Police Departmentimage

San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus identified the officer as Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, a 20-year veteran of the force in Texas.

He said he doesn’t believe the suspect has any relationship to the original motorist who was pulled over, and no motive has been identified.

“We consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public,” said McManus, who added that after the shooting officers had been instructed to not make traffic stops alone.

Later, the US Marshals Service confirmed a person of interest in the killing was being questioned by police. Chris Bozeman of the Marshals Service refused to reveal the name of the detainee or his connection to the crime.

McManus said Marconi had pulled over a vehicle and while he was inside his squad car writing a ticket, a car pulled up behind him. The driver of that car got out, walked up to the officer’s driver-side window and shot Marconi twice in the head, then walked back to his car and drove away.

Marconi was pronounced dead at a hospital.

McManus said investigators are looking into all leads and motives, including whether it could be related to an officer-involved shooting earlier in the city. In that incident, McManus said, police fatally shot a man who pointed a gun at officers outside an apartment following a seven-hour standoff.

The San Antonio Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying the person pictured. He might have information on the murder of the San Antonio Police Officer.…/san-antonio-police-officer-fatally-sh…


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1…World’s Scariest Police Shootouts Crime Documentary Videos

2…Published on Feb 27, 2014

WARNING: gun violence. World’s Scariest Police Shootouts – Crime Documentary

Most daring, dangerous, wildest, and shocking videos of police and criminal shootouts ever caught on tape.


3…Police helicopter video shows dramatic highway shoot-out


4…Drug addict shot dead in police hostage situation in China


5…Published on Jan 14, 2014

DENVER — Raw video from the Denver officer-involved shooting. In the video, an unidentified man takes a woman and uses her as a shield while police yell for the man to surrender.
WARNING: This video may not be appropriate for some viewers.
As the man tries to take the woman back inside the store, an officer opens fire hitting the man. He falls to the ground, the hostage runs away and officers swarm the area.
The man was taken to Denver Health Medical Center for treatment and was listed in critical condition Monday afternoon.
(DenverChannel) DENVER – Denver Police have identified the suspect who allegedly took hostages inside a 7-Eleven Monday. Police said 34-year-old Blas Leroux was shot in the shoulder as he tried to use one of the hostages as a human shield.
The standoff began at 8:30 a.m., after witnesses saw the suspect running from police.
“He dropped his coat,” said Dino Gallegos, who was exiting the store as Leroux ran in, “and the officer picked it up. The suspect ran around the corner and into 7-Eleven.”
Police Chief Robert White said negotiators tried for nearly an hour to get him to surrender. He refused and instead used one of the three hostages as a shield in an attempt to escape.
“The officers demanded that he let her go, at which time he attempted to pull her back into the store,” White said. “So out of fear for her safety, one of the officers fired a shot striking the individual.”
Leroux was taken to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The hostage was not injured.
A Colorado Bureau of Investigation report shows Leroux has used several other names. He has a lengthy criminal record including convictions for trespass, motor vehicle theft, assault, burglary, child abuse, escape and harassment.




7…Wild Police Chase – South Los Angeles, CA – April 30, 2013

Published on Apr 30, 2013

Police chase a stolen van in South Los Angeles, California. The suspect crashes into a multiple cars during the dangerous pursuit including a LAPD patrol car. The suspect jumps out and runs after spike strips disable the white cargo van.



8…Officers Shoot & Kill Suspect on LIVE TV! Phoenix Car Chase (23 October 2014) KTVK

Published on Oct 26, 2014

**Exclusive YouTube/wwwy2000 video** | Associated Press –
Police in a Phoenix suburb fatally shot a machete-wielding man Thursday after he rammed a patrol car in a stolen truck, injuring an officer.

Avondale police said the man was shot after he refused to drop the machete and a pocket knife.

Authorities identified the man as Jeremy Bustos, 43, and said he was rushed to a hospital along with an Avondale police officer who was injured in the collision.

The officer’s name hasn’t been released, but Avondale police Sgt. Brandon Busse said the officer was in stable condition and improving at a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses said the suspect was shot at least twice and helicopter news video showed him falling to the ground before he was taken to a trauma center.

Busse said the spree started when a man assaulted a city maintenance worker on the side of a roadway and stole his city truck about 9 a.m. The man took the truck on a joyride as police pursued before officers got a helicopter to track the stolen vehicle and backed off, authorities said.

Police began a pursuit and used tire-puncturing devices and the chase ended with the truck ramming the police car.

Officers confronted the suspect, who refused their commands and advanced toward them with a machete and pocket knife and was shot, according to Busse.

Avondale Fire Department crews extricated the police officer from his vehicle and he was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital.


9…PCH DUI Chase Suspect Dances, Confronts Officers

Published on Apr 16, 2013

More Police Chase Videos from ABC7:

A DUI suspect leads CHP officers on a chase on the Pacific Coast Highway on April 16, 2013, before resisting arrest. As the chase ends on the PCH, the suspect gets out of his vehicle, dances and then walks right up to armed officers, forcing police to take action in a nail-biting scene that ends in his arrest.

10…BEST OF Police and FAIL

Published on Dec 16, 2014

Compilation : video BEST OF the best Police and epic FAIL / crash.


11…Best COP CHASES Compilation – Police VS Street Racers – CHASES GONE WILD

Published on Mar 9, 2015

Best COP CHASES Compilation – Police VS Street Racers – CHASES GONE WILD Enjoy! 🙂
Moto Chases – Cops VS Racers Best Compilation!

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Mother demands answers after police shooting of wheelchair-bound son

US police shoot man in wheelchair

A YouTube video shows Delaware police officers shooting a man in a wheelchair on Friday. Warning: graphic content.

Wilmington:  The police shooting of a man in a wheelchair in Wilmington, in the US state of Delaware, was “unjust”, his mother said, but authorities described a different scenario, saying the man was pulling a handgun from his waist when officers shot him to death.

The shooting happened on a narrow street in Wilmington on Wednesday around 3pm. Officers responded to a 911 call of a man who had shot himself, and when they arrived, 28-year-old Jeremy McDole was “still armed with a handgun”, Police Chief Bobby Cummings said during a news conference.

McDole’s mother, Phyllis McDole, interrupted the briefing. “He was in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down. There’s video showing that he didn’t pull a weapon … I need answers,” she said.

Police shot dead a wheel-chair bound man - Jeremy McDole - in Wilmington, Delaware- image

Police shot dead a wheel-chair bound man – Jeremy McDole – in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday, September 23. Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.33.23 PM.png Photo: Image from YouTube video.

Mr Cummings said officers approached McDole and told him to put the weapon down. As McDole was removing the gun from his waist, officers “engaged him”.

“I assure you that not one of those officers intended to take anyone’s life that day,” Mr Cummings said.

Video of the shooting posted online, which the chief said appeared to be authentic, shows an officer approaching McDole with a gun drawn, shouting “show me your hands” and “drop the gun”. Other officers then appear in the video with their guns drawn, yelling similar commands.

Police shot dead a wheel-chair bound man - Jeremy McDole - in Wilmington, Delaware image

Police shot dead a wheel-chair bound man – Jeremy McDole – in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday, September 23. Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.33.40 PM.png Photo: Image from YouTube video.

In the video, McDole moves around in his wheelchair and reaches into his jeans, but it’s unclear what he is doing. The officers, who are not in the video at this point, fire multiple shots and McDole falls out of his wheelchair.

Mr Cummings said he was not aware of any attempt by officers to use non-lethal force before shooting McDole. He also would not say whether he thought the situation should have been handled differently. “Only our thorough investigation will reveal that,” he said.

The shooting is being investigated by the department’s criminal investigation and professional standards units, as well as the Delaware Department of Justice’s Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust, which will determine whether any officers will be charged. The state agency investigates all police shootings that result in injury or death.

Jeremy McDole in his wheelchair in Wilmington, Delaware, before he was shot

Jeremy McDole in his wheelchair in Wilmington, Delaware, before he was shot on Wednesday, September 23. Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.33.57 PM.png Photo: Image from YouTube video.

Richard Smith, head of the Delaware chapter of the NAACP, called for a special prosecutor to investigate the shooting, and “to not have cops investigating cops”.

McDole’s uncle, Eugene Smith, was among a crowd of a couple dozen people who gathered on Thursday at the scene of the shooting. Mr Smith said he was with his nephew about 15 minutes before the shooting and he didn’t see a gun.

“He had a book bag, but I never seen a gun,” he said. “It was an execution. That’s what it was. I don’t care if he was black, white, whatever.”

McDole was black. The race of the four officers who fired was not released. All four are on administrative duty. One of the officers has been on the force for 15 or more years, and the others had been there for about five years, the police chief said.

Mayor Dennis Williams announced earlier this year that officers would have body cameras by the end of 2015. At the news conference, he said: “We want answers just like you want answers.”​

Late on Thursday, about 100 people gathered outside of Phyllis McDole’s home for a candlelight vigil and expressed their frustrations about the shooting.

A .40-calibre shell casing was found in the grass about 15 feet from where McDole was shot. Police said a .38-calibre gun was found by McDole’s side after he was shot.

Mr Smith said McDole had gotten out of jail about a year ago and was living in a nursing home.

McDole has an arrest record that dates back to 2005 and includes convictions for drug possession and disorderly conduct. He was also arrested for carrying a concealed deadly weapon and resisting arrest, but those charges were dropped. In November, McDole was found to have violated his probation.

McDole was paralysed when he was shot in the back in 2005 by a friend he had been walking around a neighbourhood with, smoking marijuana, according to court documents. McDole initially told police that his friend Randal Matoo shot him, but later testified that he didn’t know who shot him.

At Matoo’s bench trial, the judge said he didn’t know what happened, “but if either one of you expect me to believe that this wasn’t associated with some other wrongdoing, think again,” according to court documents. “There’s a horrible penalty that both of you, the victim, Mr McDole, and you the defendant, Mr. Matoo, are going to pay for whatever was behind this.”

Matoo was convicted of first-degree assault and possession of a firearm during a felony.



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New York police begin using ShotSpotter system to detect gunshots

New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton, center, speaks during a news conference at police headquarters in New York.

New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton, center, speaks during a news conference at police headquarters in New York. Photo: AP

The New York Police Department has started using a detection system that pinpoints the location of gunfire and sends the information to law enforcement, the latest move to modernise the nation’s largest police force, the department announced Monday.

The system, called ShotSpotter, is used in several major cities. It works by installing sensors – basically, sensitive microphones – around an area to pick up sounds from the street that might be gunfire, and uses the sensors to locate where the shots were fired. It then sends the information to the Police Department.

As part of a pilot program, ShotSpotter sensors are being placed in seven precincts in the Bronx and 10 in Brooklyn, a total area of 15 square miles, where there have been a high number of shootings. The sensors in the Bronx began working shortly after midnight Monday, and sent data on shots fired at 12:49am The sensors in Brooklyn will start collecting data shortly after midnight next Monday.

“Today, we are rolling out cutting edge technology to make the city safer, to make our neighborhoods safer, to keep our officers safer,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, who appeared with William Bratton, the police commissioner, to announce the initiative. “This gunshot detection system is going to do a world of good in terms of going after the bad guys.”

Both the mayor and Bratton stressed that ShotSpotter would help the relationship between the police and the communities where they work while also helping officers respond more quickly to shootings. Still, some have raised concerns about how the data might be used.

The city first solicited proposals for a pilot program in 2009, and tested a system from Safety Dynamics, but found that the technology yielded too many false alarms.

In 2014, the city again sought proposals, after de Blasio’s campaign promise to bring gunfire detection software to the city. Bratton has also supported the measure; he sat on ShotSpotter’s board before returning as commissioner, but has since resigned, the company said.

ShotSpotter is used in cities including Washington, Boston, San Francisco and Minneapolis, as well as smaller cities like East Chicago, Indiana, according to Ralph Clark, the company’s chief executive.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces the use of the ShotSpotter system.

Bratton said that episodes in which guns are fired are vastly underreported. “On average, 75 percent of shots fired called in by ShotSpotter are never called into 911,” he said.

Gun violence in the city has increased this year, with 185 shootings reported, up 11 percent from the same period last year, according to the Police Department. Bratton said ShotSpotter’s data might further raise the numbers, since more gunshots will be recorded and reported to the police.

ShotSpotter works to ensure accuracy by requiring that three sensors pick up the sound of gunfire; additionally, the recordings of any gunshots are sent to ShotSpotter’s headquarters in Newark, California, where analysts determine whether the noises were gunshots or something else like backfiring cars or slamming doors.

The two-year pilot program in New York will cost US$1.5 million (A$2 million) annually, Bratton said.

Some experts and elected officials are raising concerns about how the data, which belongs to the Police Department, is collected and used.

Letitia James, the city’s public advocate, is planning to introduce a bill to the City Council to require quarterly reports on the gunshots recorded, as well as any other data collected by the ShotSpotter system.

Eben Moglen, a privacy law professor at Columbia University, said programs like ShotSpotter have Fourth Amendment implications.

If potentially incriminating evidence is picked up by the microphones, he said, it should not be allowed as evidence, because it constitutes a warrantless search and seizure by collecting public sounds.

Clark said ShotSpotter has received inquiries from those looking to improve relations between police officers and the communities they serve because it can provide more information on cloudy confrontations between police and civilians, like the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri.

Clark said ShotSpotter was able to find that the source of the gunfire in that case did not move over the course of the confrontation.

“This is not about technology, it’s not about law enforcement,” Clark said. “It’s really about how communities and law enforcement can work together to deter gun violence.”

The New York TImes


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Cops TV show crew member killed by friendly fire

A still from a video released by the Omaha Police Department showing the armed robber shooting at police image

A crew member for the TV show Cops died after he was shot by friendly fire while filming an episode for the long-running reality series in Omaha, Nebraska.

A television cameraman filming the reality TV series Cops has been shot and killed during a shootout with an armed robber.

Authorities said the crew from the long-running reality TV series was filming a police unit Omaha, Nebraska, when gunfire was exchanged with an armed robber outside a Wendy’s restaurant.

Police said two people were hit in the crossfire, the suspect and the Cops cameraman. The cameraman has been identified as Bryce Dion, a 38-year-old resident of the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica.

crew member for Cops was killed in a police shooting in Omaha image

A still from a video released by the Omaha Police Department showing the armed robber shooting at police. Photo: Supplied

In an exchange on police radio aired on US television, a police office is heard to say: “We’ve got a Cops cameraman hit, [a] white male, he’s not conscious, he’s slightly breathing.”

Another officer says: “We have one of the Cops guys, [he] has been hit by gunfire.”

Killed Bryce Dion image

Initially, police confirmed the robbery suspect had been killed in the exchange of gunfire but made no comment on the condition of Dion.

Media reports in the US later confirmed Dion had died from his injuries.

In a tragic footnote to the incident, police said the armed robber was only carrying an “air gun”, a small low-impact sidearm which resembles a real gun.

Langley Productions, which produces Cops, said in a statement the company was “deeply saddened and shocked” by Dion’s death.

“Our main concern is helping his family in any way we can,” the company said.

“Bryce Dion was a long term member of the Cops team and a very talented and dedicated person.

“We mourn his passing. An investigation is ongoing and we are cooperating with local authorities.”


The reality series, which was a mainstay of the Fox network for more than two decades, is now aired on the cable channel Spike. It launched in 1989.

The series places crews with police units in various jurisdictions across the US. This particular crew had been filming police work in Omaha, Nebraska, since early July.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said 38-year-old Bryce Dion was shot once during a shootout between three officers and one suspect in a Wendy’s.

“It is as if we lost one of our own,” Chief Schmaderer said. “He was an incredible man.”

Dion, who is also an audio technician, had been working with Omaha police on the show since June, police said.

Police said the suspect, 32-year-old Cortez Washington, shot at officers with an airsoft pistol and was subsequently shot and killed.

The shooting happened about 9.20pm when multiple rounds were fire by the three officers during the incident, Chief Schmaderer said.

Although the two-man crew did have on bulletproof vests, the bullet was able to hit an unprotected area on Dion, Chief Schmaderer said.

Both Washington and Dion were pronounced dead when they arrived at the hospital.

Dion had been with the show for seven years, said Morgan Langley, who is the head of Langley Productions with his father, John.

Dion was a single man from the Boston area who was recently promoted within the company, Morgan Langley said.

“We want to make sure Bryce is respected, and we want people to know he was a great guy and a hard worker,” Morgan Langley said.

“We train our guys and do provide them bulletproof vests,” he said.

John Langley said Cops is a true reality show, meaning “it happens as it happens.”

“That is our highlight and our low light,” he said.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Among the longest-running series in TV history, Cops was part of the first batch of shows to launch the reality programming craze.

The series premiered in March 1989 at a time when the then-young Fox network was on the prowl for edgy programs that could help establish its identity.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, among others, has criticised the show for selectively focusing on crimes involving poor and working-class suspects. The show’s opening theme, the reggae tune Bad Boys, has become instantly recognisable.

Fox cancelled Cops in 2013 and it was subsequently picked up by the Spike cable network.

– with MCT

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